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Lisa Medan

Trainee  CBT/ACT Therapist

I am training in CBT, ACT and mindfulness. I have a BA in Psychology and Sociology and an MComm. 

I work with adult individuals who suffer from mild depression, phobias, feelings of being stuck, stressed or anxious. 

As a trainee I am under the care of my supervisor and offer reduced rates. 

About me

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I majored in Psychology and Sociology and completed a Masters in Commerce. Working in hi-tech, assisting start ups to grow and evolve, in Australia, Canada and Israel, my home for almost 20 years. 

Today I am a CBT/ACT student and trainee. Integrating my experiences and knowledge from the hi-tech world of growth and change, building a new life in a new country, and working through life challenges. I provide my clients with a compassionate, non-judgmental, collaborative, evidence based therapy.

My approach

I use an integrative approach to therapy. Using the principles of CBT and ACT you will learn how to manage your difficulties and life's challenges.

I offer a safe, open and non judgmental space. Together we will discover how your emotions, thoughts and behaviours work  together in maintaining maladaptive interactions with yourself, others and the world.

My goal in therapy is to teach you, and to practice with you, the necessary evidence based coping tools so that you can move towards a more adaptive way of living your life according to your goals and values.

I work with adult individuals (over 18 yrs). If you suffer from mild depression, phobias, feelings of being stuck, stressed or anxious, my therapy is for you.

As a student and trainee, I am supervised on a regular basis for each of my clients. The quality of therapy you will receive meets the professional standards of the CBT and ACT modalities. Additionally, my student and trainee status allows me to offer reduced rates.

I offer individual, in-person therapy at The Clinic in Tel Aviv.

Contact me below to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation

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